“I’ve had about 10 readings over the course of 7 years, 70% relationship readings. Michelle’s interpretations have been very accurate in each case. I recommend a list of precise questions to make the best use of time.

The first reading I had 7 years ago was regarding a relationship requiring me to relocate country. Michelle implied he wasn’t the one but at least a good man with honest intentions. I was in the “d***sand” (a millennial term) so moved to LA anyway. Well, 2 years later, I ended the relationship despite him being a good catch. Most of what Michelle predicted was correct.

Sept 2019, I’d been seeing a gorgeous man for a few weeks. I was d***sanded again. There were so many circumstantial and practical obstacles – I didn’t have high hopes. The cards said we’d survive  obstacles and end up in a serious relationship. Well it’s Feb 2022 and we’re still together. Michelle’s interpretations came to pass. Three of my friends whom I recommended have found Michelle’s readings to be spot on also.

If you find a reader who is a combination of inexpensive, ethical and intelligent then you’ve found a diamond. Michelle is a truly gifted reader who knows how to offer useful guidance. I wouldn’t go to anyone else. Gina”

“I had my first reading with Michelle and it was terrific.  I will be a repeat customer because as a reader she is honest, clear  and empathic.  When my former reader decided to stop doing tarot consultations in order to focus on another venue, my world fell apart!  I was with her for five years.   My only concern was where will I find an honest reader.  You will not be disappointed by Michelle.  With the Covid situation we all feel disoriented and Michelle will certainly ground you.  I am thrilled to have met her.  If you are on the fence, just do it!  Mona – Williamsburg, Virginia, USA”

“Thank you for a most amazing reading yesterday evening! It is amazing that your readings are so empowering and make me realise that I should trust my intuition. They also provide me with a level of clarity that I needed. Plus, the degree of accuracy is astounding! Lee from Geneva”

“From the outset Michelle proved herself to be a very adept and insightful reader. I was taken with the accuracy and the pinpointing of the enquiry within my mind. The heart of my challenge(s) was exposed in an initial five minute overview reading – what followed was the background, the clarity and the (potential) resolution to move forward. Michelle was apologetic to the seeming brutality of the message, but to me it all made sense. To me, it was the gift to accept and allow. I was truly humbled and suitably drawn to the Serenity Prayer for comfort, so much so that soon after the reading I ordered a copy of the prayer to hang in my home. So be prepared to adopt a new path, and to adapt your questioning, and above all allow… S Oliver, Devon, UK”

“I recently had a reading with Michelle to assist me with finding clarity on some very troubling experiences I was having. I can honestly say that Michelle is the ‘real deal’…Her gifts are both intuitive and precise – a rare find. She was direct, clear, encouraged me to go further with my exploration of self than I might have otherwise done on my own –  yet supportive and compassionate at the same time. Things that had been troubling me for weeks became more clear during the reading, and in the days that followed, I was able to finally resolve my situation and put it to rest. Some people just have that quality…where you know that they truly have the gift to receive spirit and communicate the message. I would not hesitate to work with Michelle again as there is no doubt in my mind that her gifts are a polished gem amongst the stones. -Lauren Keizer, The Hague, Netherlands”

“I have been seeing Michelle for readings for almost a year now and I have been consistently impressed not only by her spot on accuracy, but for her professionalism and the sense of calm I receive during and after the reading. It is not until after a couple months passes that I consistently realise how much of what Michelle predicts does come to fruition- the good and the bad. But even the not-so-wonderful news has its beautiful meaning and purpose; I am a believer that everything happens for a reason, but that the universe is always changing and therefore so is our ability to change our lives for the better. Michelle is a source of  exceedingly positive energy to help you see and realise your full potential in a world of endless possibilities. Ellie V.”

“Having had an accurate and concise reading from Michelle at Treadwells, I proceeded to book a Skype reading with her several months later. True to the first time we met, her readings were once again accurate, to the point, and yet sensitive – if she is delivering ‘bad’ news, she will do so in the gentlest manner possible. Furthermore, unlike some other readers, she gives you your value for money – I somehow managed to get answers to quite a number of questions within the short time span of half an hour.  As a legal professional, I’ve been told to be ‘logical’ and always retain a healthy sense of doubt and scepticism when it comes to arts such as the Tarot. However, I would not hesitate to recommend Michelle to any of my friends or colleagues! Best, Shawn”

“I recently had a tarot reading from Michelle in a time of transition and confusion in my life. She was calm and assuring and provided as much information and explanation as I was comfortable with. She was extremely accurate without fail and provided me with some clarity of thought at this time. I look forward to having another reading from her again!” DL

“Thanks so much for my reading. I feel refreshed and enlightened. You were so spot on with everything it was incredible.” Sarah

“Hi Michelle, I had a reading with you a few days ago. I very much enjoyed your style of delivery. The way you interpreted the cards together with your intuition was extremely impressive and very accurate. Truly a reader to have confidence in.” J. Paterson

“I would just like to say your readings are incredibly accurate and your interpretations and delivery extremely easy to follow, reassuring and understood…I’m delighted that I’ve had the opportunity of guidance through a very difficult past few months! Thank you.” Lisa W.

“I just wanted to say thank you for reading the Tarot for me. Everything that you had seen has manifested in some way or another. I have recommended you to friends and I will hopefully see you for a reading again in the near future.” A.S.

I’ve had two tarot readings with Michelle  at Treadwells, and she’s been a wonderful reader. She was able to get straight to the point without me saying anything, kept everything relevant but detailed, and very accurate. It was lovely working with her and I will definitely be recommending friends!  Warm Regards, Elizabeth”

This was my second reading from Michelle. The first one I received from her was through email, (parts of which panned out exactly as she said). The latest one was on the phone. In both cases, with whatever subject I’d enquired about, she answered in a very polite, intelligent and personable way. If I needed any further clarification on something, she would happily go into greater detail, wherever possible. What stands out from her replies is her honesty and integrity. Nothing’s sugarcoated with her answers, she just tells it as it is, good or bad, but she does so in a compassionate way and you can’t ask for more than that. Many thanks Michelle. Steve”

I’ve had several readings with Michelle and I’ve always found she’s got to the heart of the matter immediately and her predictions have come about. In my most recent reading her insight proved invaluable in preparing for a potentially difficult situation – she anticipated what was likely to happen (it did!) and that enabled me to prepare myself accordingly. Michelle has a lovely way with her and any initial nervousness soon disappears once we start talking. Michelle’s help is priceless -she has a genuine gift!  F.J.”

Michelle is an intuitive, thoughtful and non judgemental tarot reader.  At my first reading I was amazed at how much she picked up about the experiences I had just gone through and how much they were still effecting me, without very much information from me at all. I have had four readings with Michelle and each one has given me clarity and insight into not just issues surrounding me but ways forward as well. Her readings definitely have positive ripples and long lasting effects!. I would highly recommend Michelle to anyone interested in a tarot reading yes, but also to those interested in making decisions and finding solutions to problems intuitively as Michelle offers much more. Anon”

Michelle gets it spot on. Solid and insightful readings – I have never been to a better tarot reader and will not go anywhere else again!” Nicole, London.

Thank you ever so much for your tarot reading, it makes a lot of sense, in almost every way! It is amazing how close it is to how I have been. If ever I had any doubts about how the reading could be done by email, they’ve gone now…. Fantastically accurate!” A. Harper, Cambridge

Your readings are always insightful and compassionate as well as being spot-on!” Kate, Suffolk

Your readings are always done with feeling and an intuitiveness that never fails to offer helpful insight” Susan Currie, London

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