profile photo of mich home pageMichelle has been reading the tarot cards for twenty five years now. Over her many years of practice and study she has developed her own style of reading the cards within a traditional tarot framework. Michelle uses her in-depth knowledge of the cards in combination with intuition. In her readings she is able to see the probable outcomes of situations and shed light on relevant areas for her clients. She also brings extra insight from her knowledge of astrology, along with a hefty dose of practical common sense.

Michelle’s studies began when she was eighteen years old after the death of a family member, when she began to read a wider variety of spiritual books in the quest for answers to larger life questions. Her exploration with the tarot was sparked four years later after a friend did an informal reading for her. Michelle sensed the tarot could be the key she had been searching for.

For the first few years Michelle dedicated herself to the formal knowledge base of the tarot tradition: she memorised the card meanings, read the classic books and practised diligently in order to master the many layers, patterns and hidden meanings within the spreads. With time, persistence and extensive practice she evolved into a sensitive, adept tarot reader. Strangers began approaching Michelle for readings through word of mouth. She began to do occasional events work while keeping her day job working in corporate offices.

When an opportunity arose for Michelle to work in Notting Hill reading tarot professionally full time, a new phase began. Positive news spread quickly about Michelle’s gift and clients returned often for follow up readings as her predictions had proved to be accurate.

In 2011 Michelle was recruited by Treadwell’s Bookshop in London and joined their team as an in-house tarot reader. She sees clients there three days a week. Michelle is also available for events work and private readings (via Skype and telephone). See link for ‘Booking Your Reading’.

Michelle is a genuine and experienced tarot reader. She shows her clients future possibilities and various paths, which may open up. With this, she emphasises the importance of the ‘now’ since present choices and actions can affect the future. She is compassionate, non-judgemental and endeavours to help her clients gain insight and understanding into those areas of life which they wish to explore.

“Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain.” C.G. Jung

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