Michelle does not knowingly read for people under the age of 18.

Any information you share is in strict confidence (unless Michelle feels a person is at risk of harm to themselves or another individual). If specialist information is required Michelle will endeavour to direct you to the relevant professional/or organisation (such as legal, medical, or financial).

You are welcome to record your reading on a Dictaphone, your mobile phone or to make notes for your record.

Michelle is respectful of all religions, sexual orientations, social backgrounds, ethnicities, beliefs and disabilities.

Clients are treated with respect and sensitivity.

All fees are agreed prior to the reading.

In the rare event Michelle is unable to read for a client, she will inform the client promptly and no fee will be payable.

Information provided does not constitute legal, medical, business or professional advice.

Michelle will not tell a client what to do. The client is responsible for his or her actions and decisions.

Please note readings are private and on an individual basis (unless a language translator is required to be present to explain the reading)

N.B. Please note that for legal reasons it must be stated that readings are for entertainment purposes only.

‘The Soul never thinks without a picture.’ Aristotle

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