Readings with Michelle take place in a private room. She practises an ethical code of conduct; so all matters discussed are strictly confidential. See ‘Code of Ethical Practice’. Clients are welcome to record their readings or make notes if they wish.

In a reading, clients first shuffle the cards and then hold them for a short while before handing the pack to Michelle, who spreads the cards in an arc, closes her eyes and draws cards out in front of her by feeling the cards with her left hand. The reading usually commences with a five-minute general reading during which the client says nothing; then she tells the client they are welcome to comment or ask any questions about what she has said. Once this is done the main reading can commence with the client asking their question(s) or telling Michelle which area(s) of life they would like her to look at. Clients can give as much or as little back ground history or information as they feel comfortable with. The questions asked can be very specific.

Michelle is not psychic and is not a medium. If you wish to have a psychic reading or simply to have your future told, then she is not the right reader for you.

Years of experience have proven to Michelle that the tarot is a powerful tool for self-reflection, insight and clarity. She believes the tarot can be particularly helpful when a person is feeling stuck, at a crossroads or faced with a dilemma. Her readings should hopefully leave you feeling empowered and enlightened or at least have food for thought. The tarot taps into the past, present and possible futures from the time the cards are read. Michelle believes the future is not set in stone and that your choices and actions can change the future. Michelle is happy to make predictions and will tell the truth of what she interprets the cards are showing but will never tell a client what to do. Every individual is responsible for his or her choices and actions.

“To find out what is truly individual in ourselves, profound reflection is needed…” Jung

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